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March 20, 2003

im in paradise, but theres a war on

today i went scuba diving in the morning with daniel and only one other diver plus the divemaster, which is a perfect size group. it was good, not as clear as the honduras coast but better than the pacific, saw no sharks but a giant grouper fish. probably my last dive for a long time.
after that daniel, pascual and i rented kayaks and rode around this small island which is next to the island of colon, which is where we are. we spent two hours paddling, taking time to jump off of and knock each other off of the kayaks into the amazingly warm water. afterwords pascual said he felt like we were all kids again, having contests as to who could hold their breath the longest (i won) and stuff like that.
but out there, as i was cruising along next to the beach coast backed by palm trees, i continued to think about how, while i am in paradise pretty much, people are being bombed to death in iraq, for reasons that so many people find unacceptable. i was watching cnn world and reading salon.com and indymedia.org, trying to keep abreast of the situation (found myself longing or npr), but still i feel very far away from it all, and in a way its ok but its not a good feeling.
ok enough of that from me, i cant imagine how many blogs today have similar whinging, so instead ill post this link clara sent me that i like very much, maybe you will to, read it its funny.

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