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March 19, 2003

bocas del toro island, panama

everyone in here is reading about the war on the internet, i feel fairly informed about it but really far away.
getting here was interesting today, i came with pascual and joanna from puerto viejo on the carribean side of costa rica, we had stayed there two nights on route from san jose, it was a nice little town, very tranquilo, read a lot and swam a ton, the water is so warm down here, such a good shade of blue, i lack adjectives so i┤ll throw out the generic Ędamn amazing.Ę
anyways, we crossed the border and caught a truck taxi towards the town from which you catch the boats to here, however we didn┤t make it all the way cause people had cut down a bunch of trees over the highway to protest bad road conditions. they had a point, and i guess it┤s hard to get panama city to pay attention to them when they┤re on the other side of the country, but we ended up walking about two kilometers through the heat, so it was a little annoying.
ran into daniel bendrick from sweden as soon as we got here, he and i plan to go dive tomorrow. this island is nice, it┤s cooled off now thank god, we┤re gonna go cook dinner and listen to music at the hostel, they were rocking neil young earlier, sounded good.
here are some fotos i┤ve linked to from ran the israeli┤s page.
this is us at majagual, on the southern pacific coast of nicaragua.
this is me and daniel the swede on the boat that took us diving at playa el coco in northern costa rica.
me at montezuma, lookin cool. hehe.
the 13 meters plus waterfall we jumped from in montezuma.
ok that┤s all for now, back to reading about the war.

Posted by bendan at March 19, 2003 03:53 PM

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