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January 01, 2003

the new look

thanks much to drew for helping me switch to moveable type, on new years eve no less, i owe him a beer. still trying to chance the stylesheet, itll look slicker pretty soon, more primary colors or something.
well its new years day, last night we had another big group dinner at the hostel, i ate a bunch of lentils and rice and drank some tequila with ponche, the same punch that had cinnamon, sugarcane, pineapple and other stuff. rosita looked as happy last night as she did on christmas eve, everyone sang songs from their countries and she played guitar and made a little talk about peace and stuff like that. heartwarming in an uncheezy way.
my stomach wasnt feeling so good for some reason and i was hobbling around because of my foot wound, but i still went out afterwords to a few bars. got to play some pool and talk to my buddy derek, hes working on a documentary but i cant quite figure out what its about, last night him and his friend were filming people at the fake rave thing at anthonys work. whatever. ran into some friends id made when i was here before, for instance this crazy basque guy who was the drunkest guy there, he kept getting up on the stairs and making a firetruck siren noise, everyone kept looking back at him and hed pump his arms to the music. funny shit.
today there was supposed to be a protest at 9 am, the zapatista villages were gonna march into san cristobal from their communities, they havent showed up yet, im gonna go back down to the zocalo (main plaza) and see if theyve showed up yet.
tomorrow i find out what community i go to. then friday i go out there for two weeks, man, two weeks without internet, hard to imagine. itll prolly be good for me.
ok ill update this again tomorrow, then off to the communities, im excited.

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