People are constantly asking us,  "What is TateLaBianca, and what are you guys about..?"  Well... not really.  In fact, no one has ever asked us that.  But if they did, I think that we would say something like this:

    TateLaBianca is simply about making music.  Music from Reno, and for anyone - Hella.  TateLaBianca is not about saving the world or even raising consciousness.  Do we care about matters? - Yes, of course; but our music is not the vehicle with which we choose to deliver our preachy rantings..  Drunkenness and temper-tantrums are. 

    TateLaBianca is about getting together, playing, and seeing what happens.  We challenge ourselves to trust our creative process(es) and to go with what our own group dynamic creates.  Sure we want people to enjoy our music; who that makes music doesn't?  But us first.  If we don't love it, you'll never hear it - Promise.  

    We are four very different people with very different backgrounds who, we feel, mesh very well together.  We are not Manson Family sympathizers.  Our first singer, Mac, named us TateLaBianca.  It's pretty . . . TateLaBianca is.  Not Mac.


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