April 23, 2004


Well, apparently the president's and vice president's of our respective companies settled this afternoon for 400 points, which puts us just above a B right now, and that is assuming we don't loose any more points. So that is cool to not have any say in that, but i guess that is how real companies work, so whatever. The part that irked me, is that in talking to the president of the other group, i asked him if hypothetically we were both at 9200 points, and transferring 400 points to the other team wouldn't help them any, because there are no minuses, but it would hurt us, if they would still do it, and he said yes, based on (get this, i guess it is irony, or karma kicking me in the ass) principle. He feels that work was done and when you do work you get compensated for work. I guess i understand that, to a point, but i feel that if you have the opportunity to help somebody, and it won't harm you at all, there is no reason not to, no reason. He didn't like when i pointed out that this isn't the real world, and that points don't correlate to dollars, but i guess i am wrong, since i was unable to convince him, and i understand what he is saying. I guess i just don't like it, oh well.

On a lighter note, well not really, we looked absolutely stupid during our presentation, and i am just hoping we get some points for it. Luckily that wasn't my focus. I had to put together the final report, and i think it is pretty good. Now that i think about it, i think the fundamental issue between our groups is that i think we are seperate groups but we are united against the teachers and the school so to speak, whereas i think their president is united as a group against the other groups. That may be too much of a fundamental difference to ever reach an agreement, oh well.

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