April 16, 2004

The Lawsuit

We got a nice suprise this afternoon, another E-team in my senior design class is suing us for some unsaid reason (i don't have the memo we were presented). I will make sure to explain the reason all this happened at some point, but i have seen enough TV show to know that i shouldn't explain this now, even if it doesn't matter i don't want to do anything that would help them get 1500 of our points (there are a possible 10000 during the semester) The odd part is they admitted and we had it confirmed that they already have an A, and are on track to have well over 9000 points at the end of the semester right now, so i am not sure their motivation, but apparently they are taking this class a little more seriously than they intended. There is a really funny story behind this that i will explain next week after we present our case on friday. Like Mr. Simich always said (and still appropriate with chuck's corrolary) every problem in the world can be traced back to money (chuck thinks power, kind of the same). Why can't they just be happy with their grade and to a good job on their product, they stand to gain anything by suing us (at least that i can see, maybe they just don't want to have to do the final presentation or something), why is it necessary to go affecting other people. I don't know.

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Yeah, please do explain more later, because I'm confused on this. Is this a REAL lawsuit? And what the heck are they suing for? Grades??

Posted by: Petar on April 19, 2004 11:52 AM
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