February 18, 2003

The big 21

lots of exciting things have been happening, i should have entered them as they occured, but oh well.

went to the bob marley's whailers concert with my dad, it was very cool. it was weird seeing my dad on the other side of the "whatever you call a mosh pit when nobody is moshing but just all enjoying the energy (as little mike jones put it, that was even weirder seeing him there)". the best comment i heard was the lead singer pondering "if we are all praying to the same god, then what the fuck are we all fight ing for". remember, one love.

i went to hawaii with the rifle team, we had a match there against san francisco and nebraska. the team lost by 4 points out of 3200, kind of sucked, but ryan still hasn't lost an individual match in two years, i think he can win nationals again this year and keep the streak going. i shot okay, but i wasn't really there to shoot. anyway, nebraska may have won, but we are going to nationals and they aren't, so there (why does that sound like how a little kid would say it)

as andrew indicated, i turned 21 last friday, which is cool, i guess, i didn't really get a chance to do anyhting seeing as how NCAA athletes aren't supposed to drink and i really like being on the team, but i think it will be nice to not have to deal with that anymore.

back to school, this semester isn't shaping up so well yet, we will see though. it would be fine except for the fact that my western traditions teacher keeps bad mouthing the movie "the last of the mohicans", it is hard for me to see through that. i added some pictures from sledding with pete, the ones with mary somehow dissapeared, and i should have some hawaii pics up fairly soon.

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