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September 24, 2008

Another trip on the Delaware river, and change coming to my life


This last weekend I went on another rafting trip on the Delaware River. This time Kristy had to work, so it was myself, Peter and Aaron. We started after dark, and it wasn't until after Kristy had dropped us off and left that we discovered that our boat, the Fishhunter 360, had a tiny hole. we patched it with duct tape and set forth into the dark waters. It was really beautiful and fun to float down the middle of the river at night, seeing campfires of campers on the banks and watching the nearly full moon rise into the sky.
The next morning, our first day, we had a leisurely start, making grits and watching the mist on the water. The patch was holding, and we were in high spirits. Everything was going great until later that day, when, after a run in with Park Rangers (we were w/in a National Recreation Area), I stupidly dropped my camera into the water. It stopped working, which was terrible because of all the very photographable spots we passed by in the next 2 days. This morning, however, I tried turning it on, and it sprung back to life. I was so pleased I can't tell you.
Below are the photos I took before my camera tried to swim. If you're looking to get a new digital point and shoot, I'll happily recommend Lumix, they're sturdy machines.
I think i'm heading out to California for the fall, and then to Arizona for the winter, before I either come back here to New York, or perhaps try living in Minneapolis. Like I said, big changes.



passing the Jim Beam.





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