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December 11, 2007

still computerless

It's been over a month now, not having my computer. At first I felt a little disconnected, and then I found myself feeling pretty happy about having tons of time to spend reading books instead of reading blogs. Now i'm really missing just being able to listen to all of my music whenever I want to (my ipod broke a bit back as well, still haven't replaced it), and to watch movies.
Nn bother though, I should get my laptop back in a week from today.
So since I went back to Reno (flying through SF) for Thanksgiving, I've decided to stay here for the Christian holiday. I'm gonna have a traditional New York Jewish Christmas, which means I'll get chinese food and then go to the movies. Also Andrew and Etta arrive on Xmas day, so I'll have company.
I've been here about 4 months now. A few months ago my friend Brian and I agreed that it didn't feel real that we lived here, now it's truly sunken in, but that's tempered by the cold turn in the weather. I've tried not to be a bellyacher, but it's a bit of a bummer not to be able to ride bikes because of snow and ice. I mean, I'm still riding, but just for transportation, not for fun and exploring.
below are some photos I took, mostly from Thanksgiving.








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