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July 09, 2007


so after some question as to whether i would have surgery tomorrow or in 2 weeks, the result is that i'm going under the knife tomorrow at noon thirty. Not only will the doctor fill my knee up with fluid so that he can poke some scopes in to cut away some torn meniscal cartilage, but he will also revisit his previous work, and remove the titanium plate that's sitting atop my healed up clavicle. This plate has been the cause of some pain anytime that i carry a backpack, and seeing as i'm one he plans to backpack and participate in wilderness travel for the rest of my life, i need that troublesome piece out. which is going to happen. tomorrow.
this means that i'll be back on the vicodin train for a while, which means that i will be dazed and loopy. but i feel very grateful to my dad and jane for being so amazing about this, to my mom for taking time out of her schedule to let me sit around her house for a few days, eating pain killers, and to all my friends both here in SF and in little old Reno for giving me support.
as a thank you, watch this video about fainting goats:

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