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March 13, 2007

New Things

New(ish) things in my life:
started EMT class tonight. it seemed like it would be pretty good. I'm fairly certain i don't want to be an EMT for a long time in my life, but doing it for a while would be interesting and probably rewarding.

I've been dating Lizzie for I guess nearly three months now. It's very nice.

Got a new bike today. the shop warrantied my old one. the new frame is a Hunter, made in Watsonville, CA, only 2 hours away. it's light and black and should last me for a long time.

my band with Simon and Jean goes well. when we play we tend to make songs that sound like rock that should have a frantic, sweaty singer screaming over it, but not in a punk way, more in a rock way.

went mountain biking this morning, first time i'd gone since i hurt myself. it was so fun, i want to go every single day now.

submitted my short film about messengering to the Bike Film Festival. They contacted me and said they would make decisions about whether my video is accepted by the beginning of next month. cross your fingers.

i put up a ropeswing in Golden Gate Park yesterday. I want to put up a lot more. 50 feet of nice, loadbearing rope is only 9 bucks.

Aaron and Kristy left, but their visit was supergood.

Dad came down last weekend. we rode 50 miles in Marin on Saturday, and ate tons of good food, including food from Burma. It was good to see him.

Mom might come up soon i think.

come May i might take some kind of a trip. maybe across the country, maybe to mexico. If i take a little trip, perhaps it will stave off my urge to leave the country for Asia, at least for a little while.

ok, that's it. i'll add photos soon, if i remember to.

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