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September 10, 2006

self destruction

today i went on a ride to the Marin Headlands on my new mountain bike. while descending this narrow dirt road, i came around a corner and found the road very rutted. i tracked well through most of the first section, but then my wheel went into one of the ruts and i flew over the handlebars. while unconscious, i had some amazing dreams, mostly about me being hurt. then i came to, and found that my was cracked, my ribs were bruised to hell, and i couldn't move my right arm. before too long some other riders came along, and then quickly called the ambulance. the ambulance came and took me to St Mary's hospital, right next to my house. on the ambulance ride the gave me morphine, which eventually made me puke a lot. at the hospital they took x-rays and determined that i'd broken my collarbone in multiple places, something that may or may not require surgery. the people at the hospital were not very kind, and they ushered me out really quickly. i think i talked to the doctor for about 50 seconds. then i stumbled home to my house, where my roommates are taking care of me really well.
this couldn't have happened at a worse time. my dad was gonna come next weekend to go mnt biking, kelsey is arriving that weekend as well, and i had been really into climbing and road riding and getting back into mnt biking. plus i can't work for 5-8 weeks, which is gonna hurt me financially. everything was going so well in my life, and now i'm stuck at home, or riding the shitty public transit here in SF for a month at least. i almost hope they do surgery, just so i get better more quickly.
like i'm supposed to say, i guess it could have been a lot worse. with luck i'll be able to get some money from disability unemployment, and i can spend some solid days starting to learn motion graphics. but i'm pretty bummed, i must admit.




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