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September 28, 2006

healing bones take time

finally, i've turned the corner, made it out of the vicodin fugue. after the surgery there was three quarters of a day in which the anesthesia lingered on and i felt whole, and then the pain came down and sat throbbing and heavy on my surgical wound. I retreated to my friend the analgesic, and stayed steadily there until a few days ago, when i realized i was running out. i cut back the dose, out of necessity, but found that the pain was tolerable, acceptable except when i have a sneeze or a big cough. when this happens, there is a pain that feels to begin from inside my body, causing me clutch at my torso, looking unsuccessfully for somewhere to press hard against. it makes me sit down, and i breathe it out, and then i'm fine. don't worry, this only happens once or twice a day, and the last couple times it happened, it didn't feel as bad as the first few.


the state of california disability insurance board has decreed that i shall receive checks of 250 dollars a week until i am well. this will cover my rent, and leave me money for necessities and bus trips to reno for follow up x-rays. i head back to reno on monday morning, where i'll meet with the surgeon and we'll see how the bone is healing. i'm looking forward to seeing the new x-ray with the piece of titanium plate glowing from atop my renewed clavacle.

I've really enjoyed making a digital record of the evidence of my accident. i wonder if i'd be as interested to look at the scars of someone else?

until then, been refleecting a bit. thinking about changing my profession. more on that later.
i've also been reading too much news and watching jon stewart and colbert report reruns on youtube. the fact that we're letting our elected officials do away with habeas corpus is so amazing, so very very wrong, that it makes me try and shake my head in disgust, but that makes the tendons in my neck hurt real bad, so i hold still and mutter under my breath.

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