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August 14, 2006



What i've been up to: well, i'm working 2 days a week as a courier again. Jetset Couriers, the company i work for, is amazing and pretty much lets me say what days i can and cannot work. I've been trying to find an internship so that i can learn a lot more about video post production. i had an interview at this place called on the fly films last week, and i was very impressed with their equipment and technologies. i felt that the interview went well, and i'm hoping to hear back from them this week.
other then that, i'm trying to stay in the City more. It feels like i've really distanced myself from the friends i do have left here, and i need to stick around more or i'll be a stranger in my own city. I'm also trying to save money more, so keeping a low profile and not bouncing around so much is in order.
aside from messengering, i've been riding my road bike a bit. last saturday i went for a 4.5 hour ride. i rode across the golden gate bridge, all the way up to fairfax, then i went over the sir francis drake blvd to highway 1. i dropped back down highway one, past stinson beach, over the shoulder of mt Tam, and back across the bridge home. i estimate i went at least 50 miles, and hopefully more like 65. when i got home i was ravenous, so i ate a ton of food, got food coma, and fell blissfully asleep.

as mentioned earlier in this post, seems like i'm deciding to try and spend the winter here in order to learn a new skillset, instead of jetting of to s.e. asia. my friend jacob, who i was going to go with, actually encouraged me to consider staying. he sent me some wise words about how important roots are. the problem is i don't feel that rooted to this city anymore, since i've left it so much. i'm also infatuated with new york so much, in the same way i was in love with here when i first moved here.

anyways, i'll try and post on here more often.

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