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April 26, 2006


as per my plan i'm back in SF, having arrived just in time to miss the rainy season.
yesterday went into my old job, turns out an ex-coworker got hit last week, so i'm gonna fill in for 2 or 3 weeks, which fits my schedule perfectly. i start again tomorrrow, and though i'm not really interested in going back into messengering full time, it will be nice to do it for a bit, get my legs back into shape.

Youtube is really cool. now when i travel i'll be all multimedia.

i'm heading to New York from the 8th to the 27th of June. Then to Chicago the first weekend of July for my cousin's wedding. and i might sneak up to portland for a messenger race and to visit drew and co.

i still miss colombia.

Posted by bendan at April 26, 2006 01:17 PM

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