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October 27, 2005

so bummed

this afternoon at 3:15 i was on standby on 2nd street. my bike was locked up to a pole on the sidewalk. some delivery driver made an illegal uturn in the intersection with stevenson, and his bumper overlapped the curb. it crashed into my bike and totally destroyed it. i was sitting right there, and i heard the tire exploding, then saw the guy trying to drive away. i chased him down and got his insurance info. then i called his insurance company, and now i get to try and wrangle money out of them. meanwhile, i have to find a different bike to go to work on. maybe i'll try and buy a new one this weekend at the bike swap. eventually i'll get paid by his insurance, but it's gonna take a while, and i'm sure they'll be shitty about it.

the worst thing is that i lost my bike. i remember scouring the shops here in SF, looking for a frame to build a project fixed gear out of. when i bought it, it was all rusty, and i lovingly stripped the rust and put paint on it. i would look at ebay every night, trying to find the parts i wanted. my friend eric carter built me up a set of really nice wheels, and after taking a trip to alameda to get the bottom bracket recut, finally it was ready. i was only able to ride it a few weeks before i went on my trip to s. america, and i was so excited to ride it again when i returned to the west coast. then i rode it at work these last 3 months, all over the city, and also in my first 2 alleycat races. it felt so nice to know all the parts and all the things i had done to it to make it how i wanted.

now it's sitting in our bike garage all mangled, and i'm a sad guy.





Posted by bendan at October 27, 2005 07:21 PM

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