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May 04, 2005

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Grandma picked me up from the airport last night after a mellow day of flying. i caught the subway from mikey's apt. in Chelsea around 11:30, and easily made it to laguardia for my 2 oclock flight. the folks next to me asked where i was going, and i told them i had been in new york, and was heading to albuq. before returning to SF, and they said "wow, you do a lot of traveling." hehe.
my granny is doing well, she's 85 and says she feels like she's 85, but she still gets around and pays attention to the news and throws out the funny one liners here and there. since i finally bought a digi camera, i went around shooting fotos of her house so i remember it, it feels so strange to look at the small backyard and imagine how giant it felt to me when i was an 8 year old. you can't do anything about time i guess.
New York still sits in my mind. i had such a good time there, especially since i was able to spend time with so many friends and relatives. i'm already looking forward to buying my ticket back out there at the beginning of may, after i hang out with kelsey and maybe anthony from Philly in S.F. my last night there i went out with Mikey, some of his friends, and my buddy Nick. We ate amazing vegan chinese food and then went to this bar called swifts, which had something like 100 beers available. Nick inspired us to go with Belgian beers, which are admittedly spendy but the quality makes it worth it.
Today i booked a flight back to reno, arriving sat. at noon (grandma freaked out and vetoed hitchhiking). I guess this means that my trip is over, though the fact that i won't have a room to live in until august makes me feel like i'll still be living it up. i'm actually kind of excited to get to reno, many plans for mountain biking and madness in the bars are already underway.
ok, gonna go look at the indoor flea market. good old albuquerque.

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