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January 23, 2005

cuenca, ecuador

so i was sitting at this computer, composing an email to toby, one of the british doctors we met in the jungle, and he walks right past on the sidewalk outside this cafe. strange coincidence.
cuenca is colonial, has cobbled streets, so it´s your basic spanish-founded town. we got here last night after all day on busses from montanitas, which was a surfer tourist trap. the busride includes amazing views from the mountains, of which i actually took a photo. in hindsight, i regret highly not bringing along a digi camera. oh well. there´s nothing like seeing the clouds below you in a green valley.
the busride also included 2 hollywood films, vertical limit and the rundown. i´ve seen dozens of films on busses in my travels in latin america, and i must say that yesterday it was especially frustrating to find myself numbly watching hollywood garbage instead of taking in the amazing mountain landscape. the guys sitting behind me on the bus had lived in connecticut, and kept tapping me on the shoulder to tell me stuff in english that i already knew. i guess they just wanted to practice their language but i was feeling antisocial.
traveling with 2 couples is nice, but it also means they are less likely to want to go out at night, which means i would have to do so myself, and i haven´t felt up to it so much. i´m hoping we find some other folks to travel along with us, but who knows.
it looks like the schedule we have will have us either in cali, colombia, or bogota, colombia for carnivales. carnivales in spain was really fun, tons of people in costumes, drunk and dancing through the street, and that was just in a little town. who knows how it will be in a giant city? i´m looking forward to it.
if we don´t leave here today to head towards the farm, we might go and try and look at the museum of extreme art. matt has already been there, and says it has tons of skeletons and danzig-inspired leather constumes. sounds weird if nothing else. the taxidermy museum is apparently closed here today, which totally sucks. ah, the things you come to appreciate while traveling.
good job to everyone who protested the crowning of bush, and everyone in sf who protested the pro-life rally.

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