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January 04, 2005

a last beautiful day in san francisco

so i fly out of here tonight at 12:25 from SFO. i bought my ticket more then a month ago, and it seems like just now that i'm realizing what i have ahead of me. when i got back here from reno i was sick, so i took a few days of resting to get better, and then i've just hung out with vanessa and other friends and counted down the days. last night darby asked me what i've been thinking about, and the list that i came up with had some heavy topics. my life in this city has been very very good, and it feels so weird that i'm leaving when everything is ideal for me. but then i remember the plans i made with buzzard so long ago, and i think about how i'm gonna walk into some bar tomorrow in the new part of quito and he'll be shooting pool with kristy, and we'll go on amazing adventures, and it feels ok that i'm going.
i'll try and write in here often, though i can't promise it. i decided against buying a digital camera, so i'll try and go through a few rolls at least of regular old film. i'm gonna go hang out with nessa till the time comes for me to go to the airport, and then i'm gone.

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