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October 13, 2004

messenger #3175

so in my last entry i listed all these cool things i was doing cause i wasn't working. then friday, i went into professional messenger service and got a job as a bike messenger, which meant i can't really do any of those things i was doing which sucks. i need to find some different volunteer work.
but as far as messengering goes, i just started yesterday, and today was my first full day. on the whole, i'm enjoying it so far. the money isn't very good and it's in no way intellectual, but the exercise is great and i'm learning the city very intimately shall we say. 8 hours riding my bike around a lot of time to think about stuff, in a way it reminds me of delivering pizzas, but with no radio to keep me company even. i think i'll be fine to do it for 2 months, then hit the road.
nessa and i decided to be just friends. which is logical, and sucks too. i don't feel very articulate about that subject just yet.

Posted by bendan at October 13, 2004 12:21 AM

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