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October 28, 2004

elevator dizzy

so in between riding all over hell and creation on my bike here in san francisco, i take elevators up and down all the big downtown office buildings. towards the end of a workday, i find myself feeling a sort of dizzy vertigo from all the vertical motion from the elevators starting and stopping. buzz commented when he quit his job that if he never rode another elevator again he's be fine with it. i'm of the same mind.
so my last delivery today was from very south in sf up to washington street on the edge of the presidio. i calculated it, and mapquest said that it was 7 miles driving if you used the freeway. i did it in about 40 minutes not using the freeway and tackling the geary hill and another murderous hill on maple street. after delivering the package i nearly fainted, but managed to make it home, where i'm sitting wondering at the amount of physical exertion i'm expending for such a small amount of money. in the end, i'm doing this job for the experience, not for the money. i'm as strong as i can remember myself ever being, if i was to begin a cross country bike ride right now i think i would have no problems, my legs feel like as solid as anything.
in other news, my project bike is nearing completion. it will be nearly all black, with excellent components on a super cool frame hand built in oakland in the late 80's/early 90's.
tomorrow night is halloween critical mass. hope i have energy for it.
megan is leaving to be a pole monitor in ohio. i'm having flashbacks to the last election, when i read salon.com 4 times a day. part of me thinks that it isn't bush that's the problem, but the whole system, but then the pragmatic half of me says cross your fingers for kerry, at least he's a start. if bush wins i don't know what will happen.
ok, i'm gonna go pass out, thank goodness the weekend is almost here.
check this out if you have a chance.

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