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August 29, 2004

500,000 person march

so it's been very fun here in NY for the 3 days since i arrived, though the humidity and muggyness make me feel glad to know i'll return to s.f. the first evening we got here we came over to my cousin's apartment. mike is a few years younger then me, but surprisingly similar in some of his interests as well as, interestingly enough, his mannerism, according to my friends. i'm already excited for him to come out and visit in s.f. so we can cruise around on bikes. our first full day here we slept in a bit, due to the fact that drew and i stayed up quite late the night before flying out here. eventually we cruised down to the world trade center site for a bell ringing event to ring in peace. the event was scattered but kind of interesting in a tame way, and i feel the most i got out of it was actually seeing the site. i'm not going to write about my thoughts on the site though, just cause you can guess why.
that evening, which was last night, we met up with simon my roommate from s.f., and then with aaron marit and b.j. from station 40, and becky from the s.f. sea collective. mike my cousin was awesome and let 3 others crash here besides drew and i, and we all sat up late talking about politics and the future of our nation and other lite reading topics like those. good times.
today we awoke and headed down for the united for peace and justice rally. there were proportedly upwards of 500,000 people, though the networks news didn't report over 200,000, and hardly reported on it all all, which we all expected. there were thousands of people with t shirts and signs and the like all decrying the bush administration. the lead article on salon is about the march, you might have to watch a commercial to get a free one day membership, but it's a good article.
after that we went to central park and met up with my friend kelsey from phillie. we did acrobatic feats in the park and had a very good time. i'm on mikey's mac right now, when drew fires up his pc i'll link to the photos he took.
today i'm going to 2 different events, one is a march in support of housing, healthcare, income and secure jobs, and the other is a march of low income people that's been organized by a homeless woman. after that i might try and stake out some republican afterparty where, along with hundreds of others, i hope to make them feel our ire at their temerity and gall. hanging out with kelsey always inspires me to use grandious words. anyways, having fun.

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