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July 23, 2004

fog and parks

the fog has been really good lately. earlier this week i rode down to ocean beach with megan and james because mikey from station 40 was having a bonfire for his birthday. the bonfire was fun, and sitting on the beach near the water i could close my eyes and breath in real deep, and i felt in the taste and smell of the air all of the other beaches i've sat on at night, but especially san sebastian in spain. i felt like my senses had transported me back somewhere, but then i opened my eyes and i was here again, in sf, and erich and matt started drumming. after it was time to ride home i pedaled into the park, and the fog blew over and around us, lit by street lights as it rifled through the trees, faster then any clouds. james and i began again with the bicycle ballet once we'd crested the hill and everything else was mostly coasting, i executed a perfect superman, then almost crashed coming out of it.
yesterday i didn't work, instead going to dolores park with nausque (sp?), amelia and garrett. we were going only to read, nausque having broken his collar bone on the same evening of the bonfire, when drunken one handed bike riding and a errant pothole conspired against him. but there was a guy with mountain boards, which are large wheeled offroad skateboards that turn like snowboards. he let us try them, and before long i was zooming down the hills and trying to jump. it felt new to me in the way snowboarding did when i first took it up, and when i reached the bottom of the hill i picked up the board and ran back up, already ready for another run.
there was a young boy with big eyes who looked amazed by what we were doing, so i told him he should come stand on the board and go down a hill with me. his parents did not look thrilled over this development, especially his father, who looked concerned and french. we resized a helmet for him, and before taking off i asked him "ca va?" which is how's it going/you ok? in french, and he nodded his head vigorously and i tilted my weight, and we smoothly rolled down the hill. then he ran off to soccer practice and i tried doing 180's, but the board was too heavy.

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