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December 31, 2003

return from the final frontier

so we arrived back this morning, mr springer was nice enough to pick us up from the airport, then i raced shannen home and drove straight to work to work a double. i'm on my break between shifts right now.
so after experiencing alaska during the winter, i must say that i prefer the summers. when it warmed up to the high 20s and low thirties, that was fine temperature wise, but 6 hours of sunlight a day made me feel lethargic and lazy. everyone there drinks like madmen all winter long, and i couldn't stop thinking of the reasonable weather we have done here in the lower 48.
highlites from AK:
snowboarding with shannen's brother and cousin
climbing at the rockgym in anchorage (not as good as rocksport, but superfun nonetheless)
the first day we drove into anchorage and the sun was breaking through the clouds while the hitchhiker in the backseat told us about his life
eating at the same thai restaurant aaron and i ate at, then drinking at the blue fox again.
not having to work.
now that i'm back, i have a list of stuff i must accomplish before i leave for israel on the 29th. we'll see how much i can get done.
tonight, maybe some atomiks, maybe some wandering the streets of reno as the year dies. everyone be well, be safe, but still be crazy.

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