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December 23, 2003

jessica lynch captures hussein?

check out this funny story but a mr. palast, seems i need to be reading more of his stuff.
the last 3 years i have managed to be outside of the u.s. during holiday season, so this year it has hit me rather forcefully how much i dislike the wrath of stress and emotions that permeate the air. my father and i were talking, he finds that he worries a bunch about whether he as remembered to buy gifts for everyone, go to all the holiday parties, and bring food for all the people at several of the places he works at. seeing everyone stressed out makes me long for mexico, where people were more concerned with hanging out with their families and lighting firecrackers in the street.
i shouldn't moan about the u.s. though, i'm making a bunch of money serving and i get to leave in 2 days for alaska with shannen. i'm taking my snowboard, though the temperature is a balmy 15 degrees. also plan to check out their rock gym, been climbing a bunch here with mr. springer, also getting my buddy joey dahl back into the sport after a laziness hiatus.
so things are alright. going to israel sooner and sooner, will spend a few days with owen down in l.a. before i fly out, check out the scene.
alright, off to do some situps, trying to kill my holiday vegan weight gain.

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