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December 05, 2003

i'm a believer

so i was lucky enough to get an early hanukkah present of a pair of northwave mountain biking shoes from my pops, and then lucky as well that the good man casey clark gifted me with an extra pair of spd pedals he had hanging around, so now i'm officially locked the hell in to my road bike. after getting them set up correctly, i promptly fell over on my knee. fortunately i was moving at a scant 3 mph, so i didn't hurt myself so bad. hurt worse was my pride, as shannen was in attendance and mirthfully chuckled as i struggled briefly to get out of the damn things and back on my feet. i made a few more adjustments, and found myself tearing around the block, using both legs on every pedal, one to push down as before, but now one to pull up. i think after my first long ride i'll be feeling fatigue in leg muscles i've never used before. exciting! i'm kinda glad i'll be getting used to the pedals while riding my roadie, so that when i finally do strap the suckers onto my single speed mountain bike and go hauling down hills, i'll be better aquainted with getting out of them, or at the least, falling over more gracefully.

Posted by bendan at December 5, 2003 01:52 PM

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