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August 28, 2003

from burningman

it's early out here, just rode my naked self to the porta potties. it's never windy in the morning, i'm hoping it stays this way all day, last night it was blowing. our whole camp is here now, and my bowliards table is all set up, so things are going well. drew's been snapping tons of fotos, i'll load some of them when i get back. the theme this year is religion, i have to say that the nautical theme of last year was more clearcut and fun. i'm gonna suggest aeronautical for next year.
ok, time for gatorade.

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August 19, 2003

phish-the pedophile jam band

so apparently the bassist of the hippie crap jam band phish tried to lure some 9 year old girl into a deserted boathouse to "take pictures."

-When asked by WNBC-TV if there was any reasonable explanation for Gordon to have been with the girl at 1:00 AM in a secluded boat house, Maj. O'Donnell of the State Park Police said "I have no explanation for it."

too much pot and acid man, damn hippies.

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making movies safer

if i had fotoshop skills and tons of time, i'd get in on this. check it out.

also just found this comedic news link, pretty fresh stuff.

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August 17, 2003

new internet stuff

checked out meetup.com, did a search for meetups in reno, found this.
my favorites are furries, slashdot and goths. hehe.

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August 15, 2003

iraqi suggestions for dealing with blackouts

a worthy poll. i especially liked the one about bitter-enders.

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steve's back!

after a fun day in s.f., we picked up little stevie at the SFO airport. he has huge patillas (sideburns), and a good case of reverse culture shock. poor guy. i'm gonna take him camping, try and support him.
we met up with aaron last night, and his girlfriend molly, and had some drinks. a foretelling of what's to come i'm certain, let the drinking mayhem begin!
this is a good fotoshop about telegrams that were never sent.

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August 14, 2003

everyone's coming home

i leave in 10 minutes to drive to s.f. with daveo and shannen to pick up my little brother steven, who's been gone for almost 1 year from this town. i imagine he'll be overwhelmed with culture shock for a bit, which is why i plan on taking him camping and also taking him to bars and getting him drunk, to dull the weirdness. haven't been to s.f. in a year about as well, so we're gonna spend the day there, get some good vegan food, look in record stores at records i shouldn't be buying and still maybe buy some.
ran into pete menchetti last night at the atomiks show, he's back from italy, good to see him. the show was weird, it was at the nightclub bubinga, a crummy place. the absolutely best thing that happened was that a bachelorette party showed up at the show, and george the singer got the bride to be on stage, threw some whisky down her neck, and she vomited right there onstage. george said "this is the best thing that could have happened." so ridiculous. also there were several men in their 50's dancing by themselves on the dancefloor, rachel got some fotos with her camera fone, i'll try and post those.
aaron called me last night, apparently he's in hawthorne nevada, and will be hitching into town today. we plan to meet up this evenin, i think he's staying with dawn, i'm very excited to see him and to meet his girlfriend molly.
and drew is coming down in a week or so. so hell, all of my drinking team is reassembling itself, minus a few it's true, but we should have a good squad to go out and celebrate...august, or steve's birthday, or shannen finishing her last summerskool college class today, or whatever. it's gonna rule.
owen write me an email about when you're moving.
ok that's all.

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August 05, 2003

change of home

so shannen and i decided that it would be best if i moved out. with amazing luck, i am now living again at the katherinehouse, after which the domain of my site is named. it will be me, charles (drew's brother), some guy named ryan, and my little brother steve, who i go to pick up next thursday from s.f. i'm helping drew's mom remodel the kitchen, so i don't even have to pay the first month's rent. awesome.

now that the update on my terribly exciting life is done, i will add links to particularly cool stuff i found on engrish.com, a site dedicated to posting fotos and images of badly translated or just weird stuff in english found in japan. i know i've linked to this before, but man it's so damn funny.

this poor girl.

a flawed gate.

burned to a crisp with all our heart.

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August 01, 2003

a welcome distraction

fotoshop friday's things that don't belong here.

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