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March 29, 2003


being back is alternately really good and saddening, seeing everyone is helping so much, drew is down from portlandia so i get to hang out with him a bit, plus a lot of the running into people everywhere i go and getting to say hi. i'd forgotten how it is, it's really fun at times, dropping by my friends' works and businesses, getting to say hello, see how reno has changed in the last 6 months (not at all).
monday is job hunting day, not terribly thrilled about that, the job market is crap here right now, but i have to start saving really soon for the interpreter course i'm taking in arizona in april. which means that if i get stuck at some shitty job, at least i know it will only be for 3 months. at least i'll have good memories to push me through the long work hours.

Posted by bendan at March 29, 2003 04:09 PM

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