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March 16, 2003

possible chance of plan for return to the u.s. (high adventure?)

so i got into san jose a few days ago, it´s been nice after all the beach time. today is a rainy sunday here, for some reason the view from the balcony of the hostel is bringing back tons of memories of spain, all the days i´d roll out of bed, shoot to the supermarket to buy food before it closed, everything is closed here as well, then made lunch and hung out with bob and aaron and airielle and dawn, who has her birthday hoy dia, so wish her a happy birthday, we´d cook a good lunch and watch the simpsons. good times.
anyways, on the the reason for the title. i met up with pascual here, he´s happy as usual, joanna keeps him in that goofy grin. he pulls me aside a few hours after i arrived, with ¨something that might interest me.¨ then he half whispers, ¨i´ve fell in love.¨ motion to joanna and tell him, ¨i know.¨ he replies, ¨no man, with a jeep.¨ apparently the old toyota land cruisers are worth their weight in golden igloos up in canada, and their abundance down here has had pascual salivating for weeks now. he said he talked up a guy with a ¨really nice one, really nice¨ in monteverde, and got quoted 2700 bucks american, including some work on the tranny. he said his future brother in law would loan him the money, but that wouldn´t help much since pascual is dedicated to continuing down to chile with joanna. here´s where i come in.

¨so would you wanna drive it back up to the united states for me?¨

it´s a big choice. fact of the matter is, i have a fairly certain (no eye rolling please) way of returning home, the boat hitching out of panama city. i have 2 good leads on yacht clubs where i can catch a ride, plus enough money to get me there after i do a last dive in bocas del toro. if i say yes to pascual it could be a disaster, i would have to go back up to monteverde, purchase the car in my name so that it´s easier to bring into the u.s., then drive the entire way back up without encountering major problems, i.e. the jeep breaking down, road bandits, border problems and customs agents extorting money out of me. the good knews is that ran says he´ll go along for the ride, giving me a worthy partner.
i told pascual he´d have to pay for all the customs and border crossing costs, most of the gas, and the insurance i´ll have to take out in my own name if i´m to sign on to this potential barrel of headaches. i had planned to head to the coast tomorrow, but now i might get stuck in this city, trying to figure out logistics.
so now the question is, do i want to do it? for one, i wouldn´t get to see much of panama, and i would surely exhaust all the money i have that´s remaining. but getting to cruise freely through the parts of the countries i´ve missed would be really good, not having to worry about busses. i reckon i´ll have a long talk with pascual about it when i get back from here, then probably flip a coin. hell, i´ll probably do it.

tomorrow i´ll tell of the decision.
hope i make the right one.

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