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January 31, 2003

back in the lacandon, back in the rain

yesterday morning the french canadians and i decided that antigua was too touristy for us, we picked up and got a bus to guatemala city. i should have stayed there, it had a good feel, the opposite of touristy. anyways, they got a bus for honduras, hopefully well meet up, tabarnac!, i headed north for coban, where i am. about 40 minutes outside of guate city, the bus broke down. my 4 hour journey quickly turned into 6. this appears to be a reoccuring theme in my trip. waited around for an hour, another bus showed up, and i sat next to this cool guatemalan guy. we talked about his kids in the u.s., about guatemalan politics, about what i should see in this country.
got into coban, which is on the southern edge of the lacandon jungle, the same jungle that stretches through chiapas, where i was a few weeks ago. it was drizzling when i got here, and i got a cheap room. went out and met a danish guy, we ended up playing chess, he beat up on a me but i got one game off him. he had been in lankin, said if the weather was good its amazing.
woke up this morning, the weather was the same, that is to say, shitty. met an aussie whos heading straight to flores, near tikal, she was in lankin as were here two companions, a brit and another aussie from melbourne, im starting to recognize the melbourne accent much more quickly, more nasily, they all said lankin would suck in this weather. so im going to tikal today, another 5 hours in bus, next time i come to guate im going to lankin though, its said to be fantastic.
not much else, gotta go catcha a bus. with luck ill catch up with team tabarnac in livingston or somewhere else along the gringo trail.

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