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January 25, 2003

a nation of 80s music flashbacks

yesterday i was noting things ive observed here, and i forgot one of the big ones, which is: did the distribution of music from the united states to guatelama stop right after 1988? now, dont get me wrong, there is something to say for getting to hear the entire appetite for distruction album 3 nights in a row in the only bar in town, but what in the hell is wrong with this place? in a three song set i heard mc hammer, vanilla ice, and salt and peppa. the internet cafe im sitting in just played who let the dogs out, and the guatemalan boys busily instant messenging with young guatemalan ladies all mouthed along the words. the only good thing that comes from this is that the constant all-consuming eminem craze that is wracking mexico like a plague of cancerous AIDS has slowed to a trickle here, i think ive only heard the fateful (and damn annoying) lyrics the trailerpark girls go round the outside, round the outside here eminating from passing automobiles, unlike mexico, where they play it everywhere, even funeral processions and brises i suspect.

heading out today to lago de atitlan, probably, trying to decide whether to go or to stay here and put in a week with habitat for humanity, building houses. the lago de atitlan scene sounds like tons of partying and hippyness, think id get more out of carting around some bricks, but i can always go there and then find somewhere else to help out habitat. either way im paying less then three dollars a day for lodging, plus i pay a dollar for tons of ingredients to cook my own meals, so my only real expense is the beer, which costs almost two dollar a liter, a sizeable price difference from mexico. they have a really good dark beer though called moza, plus two weak light colored beers.

got to use some of my swedish (that is, one of my 4 words) last night, hanging out in the kitchen with a dutch guy, a swede, and 2 not too terribly earnest canadians, i razzed the canadians about their patron hairstyle, the canadian waterfall, and referenced my mental swedish dictionary for the equivolent word, hockyfrilla. im one international mofo, eh?

truth be told though, mullets are way out of style, its all the about the monobrow these days.

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