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January 20, 2003

8 ball says, overnite bus in your future

bid my friend genevieve fairwell today, sheīs off for d.f. and the flight to australia, it was good fun hanging out with her, now who will i make fun of hippies with?
watched love and death by woody allen last night, found it to be the film of his that i like the least, too errudite and wanky.
my jaw set got out of place when i was in roberto barrios, itīs happened to me before and it always cures itself within a few days, but this time itīs been 10 days and it still hurts and bothers the hell out of me. asked doņa rosita to help out, but her natural medical tecniques involved massaging my feet (gross for her, eh?) and giving me some flower extract to drip in my mouth when i feel unsure about my future. i think that kind of medicine really requires that you believe in it a lot, which i donīt. i just canīt see a muscle spasm having something to do with my feet or a swimming injury she narrowed it down to, call me a skeptic. i still love her though, when i said that i was leaving tonight she said i couldnīt go, but i assured her iīd be back in the future. today i went to the redcross today and they said i needed an xray, which iīm not gonna pay for, i think if i had a muscle relaxer it would loosen up and be fine, i think thatīs what i did the last time, but pops isnīt around to hook me up with a drug company sample. i might go talk to a doctor here, but as i understand they want 50 bucks a visit. too rich for my blood, iīm gonna try the hot towel method instead. my past few injuries have made me realize that getting medical insurance will be a good thing to have again, with luck i wonīt hurt myself again till then.
gonna bid anthony fairwell, we figured out today that we met almost exactly 3 months ago today, a lot has happened since then, we have tenative plans to go travel in africa in the future. might meet up with pascual in antigua, weīll see, otherwise maybe someday our zipolite crew will meet up in canada or australia.
next time i write in here, itīll be from guatemala. how excellent. may you all be well.

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