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September 29, 2002

here's a new get your

here's a new get your war on, man i enjoy this shit. almost makes me want to buy his book.

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It smells too much

It smells too much like autumn here. Thats not me saying Im better then Reno, that I hate to be here or anything, even though I know I can come off like that sometimes. People are talking about Halloween, the home that always has tons of decorations and a haunted house was all decked out today when I rode by. Its time for me to go.
In good fashion, Im flipping a coin to determine whether I hitch to Ohio before going to visit my grandma, or if I go down to Vegas and hang out there first instead. Ive always secretly wanted to spend some time there, about a month should do it, I dont know what it is about that city, part of me hates it but its so weird and fascinating, and I can live for nothing there and lurk in libraries and bookstores. Ohio would be good also, to see Aaron and a bit of the Midwest, but at the same time I rode my bike home tonight in the crisp air, the few scattered clouds and the streetlights, it was cold, pants weather, and I sit now imagining of beaches in Nicaragua and Costa Rica and Cuba, and the coin toss will decide.
I havent seen all the friends I wanted to before I leave, and that bothers me, because with some it might mean we wont spend time together again. Maybe it was my subconscious holding me back, knowing that if I was to get even more settled here in this town, or perhaps any town on the west coast, then it would become too easy to find a pretty cool job and to put off my travels. I cant do that, and I wont, though it would be the simplest thing to do. I feel like I talk about my ideas for things to do, video projects and funny bands and such, more then I ever follow through, so traveling has always been what I hold myself to, and I do truly apologize to anyone I didnt see who I should have and wanted to, but Im flaky I guess, in my own annoying way.
The best part of the bike ride home this evening was getting lost. That hasnt happened since years ago when I first started driving, but the streets were dark and all I knew was I needed to be heading downhill. I pointed myself and kept in the middle of the road, the houses on either side had light from television sets beaming out living room windows and the sky reminded me in its darkening of the sunset of an hour before, which reminded me of all the last sunsets Ive seen in towns I was about to leave. The best ones dropped behind the ocean or escaped through the windows of trains.
Finally I came upon a familiar name, just one street over from that which I used to take home when I lived with my father. That one a busier street, Id climb it after rush hour, breathing hard with a backpack full of books and looking forward to the where it tops out and Id cruise down the other side, towards home.
I said goodbye to our family dog today, scratched her belly and behind her ears and over her tail like she likes it. I hope she will but maybe she wont be around when I get back, I gave her a last good hard scratch and walked away, then I looked back. I shouldnt have, it hurt. Sometimes you cant not look back.


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September 26, 2002

my supposed hard leave date

my supposed hard leave date is now monday, we'll see though. slackdog forwarded me this, serves those 2 shitty vegas bastards right.

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September 23, 2002

back in business, guess blogger.com

back in business, guess blogger.com got screwed up, big thanks to drew for helping me out, maybe someday i'll learn me some html, but not for a while methinks.
reno is good, been back for a few days, been kicking around, wanna hang out with as many folks as possible since this is prolly my last time through here for a while. right now the plan is head out of here soon, it was gonna be thursday but that's been pushed back to maybe monday?, i think i'm going to vegas first. i've always secretly harbored a fascination with living there, i'm gonna give myself 3 weeks or so, that way no matter where else i live for the rest of my life, i can be safe in knowing it's not vegas. not exactly sure where i'm gonna be living when i get down there, a couple options are sorta open but i may be camping out a bit. portlandia was a good trip all around, i'm stoked for drew and all the friends i saw up there, hope the winter is mild for them. i wish i didn't hate the rain, otherwise i could see jumping on the bandwagon and living there a while.
ok sure i'll update this again, i'm converting all my cd's to mp3's and .wma files so i can burn them to cdr's and have all my music at a 10th of it's cd size.

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September 18, 2002

so i thought i'd posted

so i thought i'd posted more stuff here, must be a computer wankaround. coming back to the reno tomorrow, last night we were supposed to see chuck palanhiuk speak about his new book, which i read the whole thing of yesterday when drew and i were lurking in powell's bookstore, the damn place is as big as a city block, biggest bookstore in the universe, anyways his new book was way better then the one before it, choke i think it was called, i feel better having read entire books during these days that i'm lounging around the rest of, my friend clara up here said that drew and i lead a cat-like existance, sounds about right. we played some pool last night and now we're at the university again, after this we're gonna go recover my check card which i left at the bar last night when i forgot to settle up on my tab, which is good though cause drew gets to buy me lunch.
here's a special 80's edition of get your war on, pretty good stuff.
see y'all renoites back in reno. oh yeah, drew totally wears his cowboy hat all the time.

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September 16, 2002

hell yes this rules so

hell yes this rules so much, smack the damn raver!

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ah, portlandia. so much fun,

ah, portlandia. so much fun, so much of my money spent on vegan food. and beer. have been able to see tons of old friends from reno who've moved here, and met some killer new ones from here and seattle. went to some hipster party that was weird, they had movies projected on the side of the nextdoor house and tons of folks dancing in the basement, i guess every party is a dance party here. stayed at billy spaceman's the last two evenings, he and dustin and lainy are doing so well, i'm superhappy for them.
whenever i'm up here i always imagine myself living in this town, it seems so easy, tons of shows and good places to eat and all of that, but the job market is garbage right now and it rains like a mofo, not to mention that i'm heading off to central and south america anyways. still, it's kinda fun to daydream. should be back to the reno before to long, but only for a short time, which is the best amount of time in reno. haha just kidding...
i'm at drew's new university right now, just goofing around i checked out graduate courses in spanish, a few sounded cool but not for a long while will i sign myself up for more university, if ever. don't groan at that one, dad.
i went to a mexican restaurant and they had vegan tamales, and the lady behind the counter knew what veganism was, which confirms my theory that people in this city have it too damn easy.

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September 12, 2002

ok, now we're off and

ok, now we're off and up out, man it's hard to get out of this town, for a variety of reasons...

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September 10, 2002

i was looking for a

i was looking for a good link for this morning, check this guy out, he sounds like a crystal-sniffing champion.

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September 09, 2002

it's monday, had indian food

it's monday, had indian food by myself today then got all the rest of my stuff out of drew's house. it's weird that none of us will be living here anymore, i've had some damn good times in this house. what do ya do though, i'll be on the road living out of my backpack. right now we're cleaning the house, shanny and molly have been kind enough to come over and help out, thank goodness, otherwise the likelyhood that we'll actually be leaving tomorrow would be a lot less. i just scraped a bunch of lizard shit off of the wall in bob's old room, good old desmond (r.i.p.). anyways, next update, from portland.

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September 08, 2002

fall silent totally ruled tonight,

fall silent totally ruled tonight, they won't play "looking in" anymore, which is a shame, but i can guess why they don't. going mtn biking with my pops tomorrow, hope i'm in good enough shape for it, then good old will truce who's in town from seattle is having some sort of hippie soup party, vegan soup is a weakness i have so i'll prolly swing by. read this today, moby vs eminem, it's all about the last line.
man i have itchy feet to leave this town.

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September 06, 2002

this is fucking embarrassing. hooray

this is fucking embarrassing. hooray america.

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September 05, 2002

burningman fotos of me and

burningman fotos of me and drew. here's my half-assed art project, and here's a foto of us in a dust storm. drew's dad's the one dressed up in arab garb, he rules. our departure date for portland keeps getting pushed back, i think it's tuesday the 10th now.

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September 02, 2002

back from burningman, this year

back from burningman, this year turned out to be one of the best. gonna kick around reno for a bit, then cruise up friday or saturday to portland to hang out with some friends for a week, then i'm gonna ride back down on my bike, looking forward to that. tonight gonna watch the stepford wives, that should be good, i saw a bit of it when i was in boise but haven't seen the whole thing. it's nice to be able to go sit on the grass in the front yard and to have showered and not be covered in playa dust. said goodbye to our camp today, good folks all of them, i might make a strong effort to get back up the the states by this time next year, depends on how i find it down south of the border. been reading about mexican drug kingpins, what a crazy damn country. reading emails from my friends and brother who are studying in central and south america makes me jealous and so excited to get down there. anyways, off to watch that film.

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