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May 19, 2002

yesterday was graduation, it felt

yesterday was graduation, it felt muted for me, i have a few ideas why. prolly part of it was that i was quite tired because of a rock out evening the night before, but also cause the graduating students were busy talking on cellfones and doing the wave instead of listening to the in truth boring speakers. my party was fun, tons of food and beers and friends dropped by, i was quick to get some beers down and listen to everyone talk and make fun of me, not really, but mom busted out with some childhood stories of stuff i'd done. then i went and saw some bands, missed most of james's band, then the next two bands were weak, but fall silent redeemed the show, even if they didn't play looking in. i wanted to start a band right there called fall semester, it would be grindcore lyrics and wanky generic emo music. no dice, no one would play instruments for me to scream to.
today did some sleeping in, then moved some stuff to mom dad's storage shed, then watched spy games, which was pretty fun. just got done sucking at pool, hung out with maty and jen and shannon, we had some laughs. tomorrow, tons of shit to do, hope i get most of it done. can't wait to get out.
this page rules, it shows tons of amazing translations from other languages to english.

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